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While most of us love our cars, it is not always easy to keep up with the often high costs of maintenance. From oil changes to alignments, it is important to maintain your vehicle if you hope to maximize both the life, and value of your vehicle. This arti

One of the major costs associated with owning any vehicle, is the often high price of maintenance. Although our cars are far more dependable now, it is important to understand how regular maintenance insures the lifelong reliability of your vehicle. The following are some of the standard maintenance articles necessary to maintain your vehicle, and some coupons to help you get it done at the best price possible!

Tire Rotation. The importance of your tires is often overlooked, but cannot be over-stressed. Everything you love is literally riding on those four rubber components that separate you, from the road. Most good quality tires these days can last at least 50,000 miles depending on driving conditions. But tires, just like the mechanical components of your car need simple maintenance. The most important maintenance is a standard tire rotation. This is a simple process that takes less than fifteen minutes in most cases, and can save you a lot of headaches later! Because this is a fairly low priced procedure, there are not a lot of coupons, but you will find below, a list of the cheapest places to have this done.

Wal-Mart Service Center: Average price $8.50

Big O Tires: Average price $9.00

GoodYear Tire Centers: Average Price $12.50

Discount Tire: Average Price $14.00

Oil changes, are the single most common maintenance performed on our cars. Oil should be changed between every 3-5,000 miles depending on the recommendation of your car's manufacturer. Oil changes can range in price anywhere from $19.00 to $300.00, depending on the type of automobile, and the oil and filter options. Here are some printable coupons to help you bring down that bill!

Pep BoysConventional Oil Change $24.99$5.00 off High Mileage, or $10.00 off Synthetic10% off any service.

Good Year Auto Center: Complete auto summer package $34.95, $10.00 Full Synthetic$5.00 conventional.

Jiffy Lube: $5.00 off conventional oil change.

Wheel alignments are another important element of car care that gets overlooked. If your car is not driving straight, you probably need an alignment. These services can vary in cost depending on the vehicle, but they average right around $75.00. Here are some coupons to bring down your out of pocket expense. 

Pep Boys: $10.00 off wheel alignment

Firestone Auto Care Center: Standard wheel alignment $69.99


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