To Save on Car Maintenance Cost, Brand-New Car Parts Are Not Necessary

In repairing or maintaining our car, used auto parts will do as well, as long as these used car parts are not defective. In fact, using used auto parts will save on our maintenance cost. Thus, the important thing is to get a reliable used auto parts store and a reputable garage.
When something breaks down in our car or in the course of repairing or maintaining our car, it is not necessary to use brand-new replacement car parts. To save on auto repair cost, we can do as well with used car parts, which are available on the market at heavily discounted prices. Just to be sure of good results or to have our peace of mind, we should demand for used OEM parts and deal with a credible and legitimate garage. This is important, as used auto parts must NOT mean defective parts. Used car parts must be parts taken from used cars that are still unblemished, for example unflawed parts retrieved from cars that have been discarded and then dismantled because of a heavy collision. How can we find a reliable used auto parts store or a trustworthy mechanic or garage? This is a good question. We can do this either by words of mouth, i.e. inquiring among our friends or relatives, which is not always possible, or searching for the required information on the Internet, for example by first typing Used Auto Parts Stores in the search box of search engines like or When we have made a list of the used auto parts stores that turn up, we explore information about them on, for their traffic ranking and/or other data that are useful. The traffic ranking of a store and the number of sites linking in serve also to reflect the store's credibility. When the address of a store is not available on the Contact page (which is often the case and which according to this writer is not a user-friendly aspect), it may be found on the Privacy or Terms of Use page (If it's found on the Privacy or Terms of Use page, why does not the website owner publish it on the Contact page in the first place?). We may also be able to get some useful information from If a store address cannot be found, then we skip the store for the time being. Next is to further confirm the credibility of a store by its rating on the Better Business Bureau site ( Definitely we need a physical address for this purpose. We can also try to get the credibility of a store on, and This process of getting the business credibility of all the stores on our list has to be repeated to get the business credibility of all the mechanics or garages on our list, until we have short-listed the stores and garages that will best serve our purpose in terms of price and location for example. Our efforts will pay off in getting the best deal. You may want to see my articles entitled œAutoZone Website Review & Ratings + AutoZone Coupons (click and CarWoo! Website Review & Ratings + CarWoo! Coupons (click


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